Format Toolbar on mobile

While typing on Obsidian on iOS, I’ve noticed this weird “glich” that annoys me so much. I want to ask if anybody shares the same issue, not just on iOS but also Android.

I don’t know how to inspect on mobile so I’ve yet know how to fix this. If anybody knows, I would love to hear.

I don’t know if this is considered a bug so I post in Help instead.

I’ve never noticed anything like that on Android, in what circumstances does it occur?

When I swipe the toolbar from right-to-left to find the format, there is a slight faint next to the pink icon to simulate that these format buttons “emerge”.

Basically the faint is not flush to the pink icon, causing this bizarre UI.

Definitely never seen that on Android. I don’t have an icon to close the keyboard that shows on the end which I guess is messing up the display.