Format to add image in markdown syntax

Use case or problem

Markdown syntax usually allows adding an image like this:

![Content pipeline][contentPipeline]


But this is not recognised and results in a broken image logo. The link works and displays on other markdown editors.
I would love to use obsidian to collaborate to open source projects on GitHub but I am required to use the above syntax for my images.
This is also included in Gruber’s first basic specifications for images:
Reference-style image syntax looks like this:

![Alt text][id]

Where “id” is the name of a defined image reference. Image references are defined using syntax identical to link references:

[id]: url/to/image  "Optional title attribute"

link: Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation

Proposed solution

It allows to use Obsidian to collaborate to Github. It is an accepted syntax variation for adding images

Current workaround (optional)

There is none. When I clone a project I add a page, I cannot change the other pages. The images are not displayed on the preview… which make Obsidian not the best tool to collaborate, at the moment, but it could become…

Related feature requests (optional)

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It seems that I cannot edit anymore? I just realised that there is a typo in the first code block. missing a semicolon… This is how it looks:

Can you try with the full file path? On a Mac, it starts with file:///

# pic 1, local images


[p1]: <file:///path/to/file/image.jpg>

# pic 2, remote images


pic 1, local images


[p1]: <file:///path/to/file/image.jpg>

pic 2, remote images


Here’s a local example:

I added the colon for you.

I believe Obsidian has some issues with both reference-style links and relative paths. I don’t remember the details but both have been discussed in the forum.