Format hyperlink to automatically create (when clicked) a note for the next day

What I’m trying to do

I use periodic notes and build a template for my daily note. On top of the template, there is two hyperlink, one for the previous note (yesterday) the other for the next one (tomorrow).
But, those links seems not working. It’s create note with a custom path like this one “28pmi28/7/20232023 R4vi430 2023-07-28”. It create folders to store those files.

I want to format correctly this feature and have the correct path, this one : “CustomDirectory / YYYY / MM / MyDailyNote - DD” to create the file in the correct directories.

Things I have tried

Right now, I have this “code” for the previous day :

[[<%"Daily Review YYYY-MM-DD") %>|↶ Jour précédent]]

And this one for the next day :

[[<%"Daily Review YYYY-MM-DD") %>|Jour suivant ↷]]

Have you tried to use the button plugin ?
I don’t know if it’s still compatible with the newest Obsidian, so try it out

The beta version of periodic notes has this nice widget at top to go to the other days

Also check this discussion

In general is more roboust to build your reference basing on the title of the note, not the tomorrow/yesterday, if you open tomorrow note today, it will link to itself

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