Format Code & Code Block Display Functionality broken

What I’m trying to do

I insert Code via “Format/Code” or “Insert Code Block”. Within new documents it automatically creates a “code box”, in my template with a dark background.

But I have existing documents, where this feature is shown in the one half of the document, while within the other half not (no black background, no “nice” formatting), just the ```

Is this some kind of bug?

In “read” mode the bug doesn’t occur, everything is well formated. Its only happening in the “Edit”-Mode.

Things I have tried

I started new documents, copied the content of the old documents: It’s always staying the same. At the first half its working, at the second half not anymore. Because I just work within the edit-mode, it’s not properly formatted anymore.

Maybe a screenshot could help?

It’s possible you have an unclosed or malformed tag somewhere and the editor thinks you are trying to write html.

For example, this unclosed <Script> here breaks the markdown formatting after it:

I’d try adjusting whatever is just above where things seem to break.

Many thanks! It was indead a <file> -Tag. I put it into a code-block itself and the problem dissapeared :slight_smile:

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