Forced to have 2 vaults with no public data access from Work computer

Things I have tried

I have looked at the advice and it says avoid 2 vaults.

What I’m trying to do

Our company PC SOE is so locked down I can not share my vault between work and home. No access to any public data sites. IE. Dropbox

I have my MAC at home and have literally created my first vault on Dropbox in case some day it is resolved.

in the mean time, do I copy text from WORK Vault to HOME vault occasionally?
email HOME vault to work every night ?


Which could likely also mean that you are prohibited from bringing in such things as external USB sticks to be able to add data to the work computers.

So, whatever you believe you are trying to do by copying data from your home computer and installing in on your work computer may violate company policy.

If you really can bring in “external data”, then …

Set up two login IDs on your home computer. Use one for personal- and one for work-related efforts. When you are working on work related stuff at home, stay strictly in the work-login. Establish an effective way to mirror the vault on you work-related login and your work computer to an external USB. Use the USB as the go-between.

Of course … you should likely get your proposed approach approved by the IT department at your office.


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