For the Love of God do not use Mono fonts for text that you will be reading

Sorry but I was looking around for some good font suggestions and I see so many people using Mono fonts for reading. I just made me so upset I had to create an account :smiley:

Don’t do that. They are not designed for reading, it will stress your eyes unnecessarily. They are used for when you need clarity ie. code for example.

I’ve been working around newspaper design and typography for 15 years and it hurts me so bad every time I read this.

Yes, Jetbrains Mono is a beautiful font, I wish there was a Non Mono alternative, but I would never use it for larger masses of text.

So please… listen to professional advice. Mono is for code. Nothing else.

Here is a good start for inspiration - look for fonts that are similar to these:

Also I know there is personal preference. Love you all have a good time with Obsidian!

Regards, Pastrami

Rant out!


I don’t disagree for reading, but I do often prefer a monospace font for writing. Easier to see errors and review for editing.


Not everybody is like you. I’ve been programming computers since 1981, I have no problem with monospaced fonts. Maybe I’m kicking a hornet’s nest here, but something that bothers me is these stupid “typographer’s quotes”, especially when an editor “helpfully” converts them while I’m typing (looking right at you, jira/confluence).

With Markdown editors (which might come to include Obsidian on a regular basis, depends on my experience over the next week) I use a monospaced font for editing Markdown (the entire document, not just code blocks) and a proportionally spaced font for reading it. Much of what I write is technical documentation, plus it’s what my old eyes are used to. If anything, having a totally different font makes it more obvious to me whether I’m looking at source (i.e. Markdown) or output (rendered text).

I just wish Obsidian natively supported using separate fonts for editing/viewing, rather than having to install a plugin (the “Minimal” theme and its configuration plugin, to be specific) in every vault I create.


It natively supports it in the sense that you can use a CSS snippet, but I agree it’d be nice to have a setting for it. I don’t know if there’s already a feature request for that.

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I also had the same thought when I saw everyone using monospace fonts. I was thinking, Whaaaat, nobody uses serif?

But then, I started following their advice and using monospace fonts. And hey, it isn’t bad. I really like writing in Wumpus Mono Pro, now.

Pardon the nitpicking, but monospace and serif are not mutually exlusive :slight_smile:

Here is one monospaced serif (there are others): Triplicate | Butterick’s Practical Typography