For notes narrowed to heading, when dragging out child node, option to only list links contained within the heading

Use case or problem

Once I have narrowed a note card within the canvas to a heading, I will often want to drag out child nodes, utilizing the dialog that lists the links that have yet to have a connected child node created for them. Unfortunately, this lists all the outgoing links for the entire note, not just the heading. This makes it difficult to find the links specifically from the heading.

Proposed solution

If the dialog only showed the outgoing links from the heading, this process would be a lot easier.

Current workaround

You can click and drag links from the heading into the canvas. But, to do this the node has to be double clicked into first. Also, this doesn’t automatically create the connection line. Of course, you can drag links from a proper note directly into the canvas without having to double click into it, but this assumes you have the note open already and scrolled to the correct heading.

Related feature requests

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