Footnotes -> String of Link gets placed in wrong HTML Element

Steps to reproduce

I played around with custom CSS a little bit and tried to reduce the opacity of the double brackets when linking to another .md file.

Expected result

Works completely fine on normal Linking


Actual result

But when i try to Link something as a Footnote this bug happens:

The big Problem besides visual annoyance is, when i try to open the link in editor mode, a wrong page gets created (one where the first word is missing)


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.3

Additional information

I think your string parsing is a little buggy on the Footnote Links.

In normal text the parsing is fine

But in the Footnote the first word of the link gets placed in the wrong HTML element

Interesting bug—thanks for the clear and detailed report.

This has already been reported. Please, search before posting.

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