Footnotes do not jump to the bottom

Use case or problem

I use footnotes [^1] and with some footnote community plug-ins but all fail to jump down to the bottom references. But it could actually jump back up.
  • I think long document and screen size contribute to this bug. If I zoom out, it could jump further down but not the bottom.

Proposed solution

Whenever I click on a footnote, it should jump to exact location at the bottom of the document, regardless if it is a long and zoom-in document.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I use Better Footnote plugin to quickly preview so I don't have to jump down to the bottom.

Related feature requests (optional)

Operating System

  • MacOS Monterey version 12.2
  • Obsidian Current version: v0.13.23

we don’t provide support for third party plugins.
Is this a problem with vanilla obsidian?

Can you show me an example of it happening in the help vault?

Yeah I just tried on Help Vault and it works pretty fine. Then I change the theme from ITS back to default it works fine.

So basically the theme ITS causing the error. Is there anyway that I can do to fix it ?

contact the author of that theme directly.

How can I contact with the author ?

All themes should have a GitHub icon on them that will take you to the themes page where you can file an issue. For the ITS theme the link is

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If you browse themes, there is a little github icon in the theme tile, looks like an odd cat. Click that and it will take you to the theme repository. From there you can create an issue.

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