Footnotes and Citations

Hi Folks,

I’m still really confused about how footnotes are supposed to work. I’ve followed the various permutations of formatting discussed in the help site, but they just do not format the same way when I do, and they don’t create a link either.

How am I supposed to do it?

FYI: I’m using the Atom Theme and Andy’s Mode, if that affects things.

Did you remember to leave a blank line between the text and the footnote?

Some text [^footnote]

[^footnote]: footnote text

Here’s what it looks like if I copy/paste this example from the help page:

Here's a simple footnote,[^1] and here's a longer one.[^bignote] 

[^1]: meaningful! 
[^bignote]: Here's one with multiple paragraphs and code. 
	Indent paragraphs to include them in the footnote. 
	`{ my code }` 
	Add as many paragraphs as you like.

The result:

No anchor links, you still see the carat, and the paragraph indenting is messed up.

And this one:

You can also use inline footnotes. ^[notice that the carat goes outside of the brackets on this one.]

Doesn’t work at all

Make sure you get the formatting right. When I copy/pasted your text I got this, which doesn’t work:

However, if I fix the formatting, it works:

Output in preview:

Ahhh… this is a failure on live preview then! The penny drops.

Well that’s a shame, because I do all my work in live preview, and it works fine for pretty much everything else.


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