Footnote Shortcut

Hi @Pch - If you find this useful and useable, I’m happy to add it to the list of plugins. Let me know!

Update: Submitted this pull request Adds Footnote Shortcut plugin by akaalias · Pull Request #185 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub - When it’s resolved by team Obsidian, you can install the plugin


You should def. do that. :slight_smile:

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Definitly, you should do that.

Even though your plug-in is already enough for my usage,
I think that it would be great if there is another hot-key or the same hot-key for returning to the previous input location.



You can everywhere use [^steph] to reference it.

Manedthanks, that is good to know. What this shows is that it works with “regular” footnotes only and not with inline footnotes, my favourite.


@akaalias: this is a very nice plug-in, and I would love to use it because in Edit mode inline footnotes are distracting from the main text.

However, with “regular” footnotes the numbering goes haywire when a new footnote is inserted between 2 existing ones. The problem is the numbers in Edit do not match those in Preview, unfortunately.

I don’t know if there is a way to solve this, but it would be a really big step, I would love it.


Hi @akaalias : To answer your question : Yes, please :grin: ! It would be very useful and I’ll use it a lot :grin: .

I use quite a lot of footnotes and like @jacob.4ristotle said, it can be a bit unpractical to add those in a note :blush:.
I’ve sometimes used inline footnotes as a workaround, but it tends to clutter my notes in edit mode thus creating frictions :confused:. The frictions are very bearable but it feels like it’s just moving them around…

And it seems, like I’m not the only one to wish to see your plugin in the community plugin’s list :wink: .

Thanks! I’ve noticed that as well. That you can basically have anything in edit-mode for the “index” of the footnote and that gets ignored in preview-mode.

For personal preference, I’d like to have edit and preview mode always match.

Does the following idea describe what you mean?

Feature Idea: Automatically Re-Index Footnotes


YES !!! Please implement if possible. i use footnotes a heck of a lot, and so far I have only used inline ones simply because of that issue, but they do really bother me.

If you get this sorted then this plug-in, together with the Andy Sliding Panes plug-in will be my primary, sine-qua-non, absolutely necessary plug-in.


Love this idea. I want it.

It’s funny because I completely stopped adding footnotes since starting with Obsidian myself because it takes so many steps, including getting back to where I was in the text.

I’ve added ‘jumping back’ as part of release 0.0.2

Jumping Back Feature

When you’re finished writing the footnote, while you’re still on the footnote detail, hitting the hotkey will jump you back to where you started:


Scenario: Jumping back to where you created the footnote

  • Given I just created a footnote using the hotkey
  • And I’m on the footnote detail line (e.g. [^1]: )
  • When I hit the same hotkey (Command-Shift-6)
  • Then my cursor is placed back to where I created the footnote in my text (e.g. [^1])

Thank you so very much :grin: :+1: !!!

Got it! I’ll see to figuring out the numbering as described in the feature idea I shared with you. This will take a little bit of time because of all the edge-cases I listed below.

In the end, when this feature works, edit-mode indexes should always be sequential (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…) and in-sync with the - ahem, somewhat opinionated - rendering behaviour.


Sounds great !!

1 other issue that came to mind: if a note contains inline footnotes, will those be taken into consideration with the reindexing/renumbering? Or will I only be able to use the plug-in for new notes without any foortnotes thus far?

@akaalias you sir are a gentleman and a scholar, this plug-in is fantastic!!!


I have noticed an oddity.

With the plug-in enabled, if I do Cmd+P for the palette, the plug-in puts footnote numbers at the bottom of the note:

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It’ll put in a new footnote anywhere your cursor is, including there. Not sure if triggering the command using the command palette is the defining factor here. I’ll check it out tomorrow

Edit 1: ohh I think I understand what you expected to happen. Placing your cursor on one of those footnotes at the bottom, then hit the hotkey and cursor gets placed to where the footnote is on the text. That… Doesn’t work yet, jumping back currently only works if you started with creating a footnote

Edit 2: Oh man, @Klaas – This whole thread and for example your oddity is why I love building these plugins together.

First off, I would have never have come up with what now seems like a completely obvious missing feature (the shortcut).

Secondly, the whole jumping back idea also makes so much sense. Including what I believe was your oddity where you wanted to jump back regardless of which footnote detail you’re on. GOOD CALL.

Release 0.0.3 now allows to jump back to the first occurence in the text from any footnote detail.

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Re Cmd+P, as soon as the palette appears and you start typing to find anything not related to Footnote, footnote numbers are placed at the bottom of the current active note. That is a “misbehaviour” I don’t understand.

This needs to be addressed otherwise the plug-in is not parctically usable.

The jump back feature is a good one.

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Got it – I can now reproduce that command-p issue as well.

Update: :ballot_box_with_check:Issue fixed with 0.0.4


Thank you, Alexis, that’s fine now.

Can you tell me what the status is with pre-existing inline footnotes? If I add a new one in between those with your plug-in, will the reindexing be done for those inline footnotes too?

Hey! Well I don’t know yet to be honest because I haven’t really dug in :slight_smile: but you can help me by sharing an example and walk me through what you wish would happen!

This is great!