'Footnote Shortcut'-Popup is showing footnote, why?

I have Footnote Shortcut v0.1.3. It is working. When I have a complete footnote [^1] and its associated note, I have found that if I put the cursor in front of the ‘[’ and press virtually any key, a popup box appears, in the same way as when producing a link, and it has the footnote number on line one and the footnote text on line two.
It appears to me that this action is not intended.
However, it is an excellently useful feature if it worked with hover instead of pressing a key.
I have Hover Editor installed but turned off, so I do not think it is related.
Can somebody tell me what is causing this and secondly whether it is possible to actually make it work as if it were intended.

have a GitHub page you can post issues on. Have you checked there for anything similar?

It’s probably faster to post an issue directly on GitHub to get the developer’s ear. :ear:

Thank you ariehen. I confess that I thought one had to be using GitHub to do such a thing. I will give it a go.

[Edit] Yes, it was easy, thanks.

Hopefully someone can respond here as well, but if it’s a community plugin issue: I go directly to their page and see what’s going on.

I made it in GitHub thank you, I shall await any response either way; it seems like an unintended bug but a very goody one if it can be completed.

Apparently this is an unintended action and is being addressed.
I have as a result asked for footnotes to be presented in a Hover window, (which this appears to half address under the guise of ‘Footnote Autosuggest’ anyway) and I believe that is now on the list for future action. This would save having to scroll down to a footnote section.

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