Footnote appears like a footnote in editor but appears at the regular level as text in preview mode

Hi I typed this

yadi yada yada [^1].

In the editor mode, the footnote number appears as a superscripted number. But in preview mode, it appears at the same level as the alphabets. I checked Obsidian help files. The demo they have given there, the footnote appears properly superscripted even in preview mode.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug?

Hi can anyone please help with this?

Well, I’m not sure if you just didn’t mention it. But when I test this, it doesn’t make it superscripted until after you have a corresponding footnote. As soon as I add the footnote, it superscripts for me.

If you do have a foot note, and just didn’t mention it, could you show a screenshot or something? And test it in the Help vault with no plugins, just in case.

yadi yada yada [^1].

[^1]:Testing this out.

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Hi thank you so much. I think that was the mistake! All good now.

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