Font size over 30 pixels

Please allow Font size in pixels that affects editor and preview to have more than 30 pixels. I have poor eyesight and 30 is not that big size for me. I can read it but bigger would feel much more comfortable. At the moment H3 size is appropriate for me. And apart from that, bigger screen size allows bigger font size even when someone has correct eyesight. It is just much more comfortable to read long texts with bigger font size.

How about 60 or 100 pixels limit. And does it really need to be a limit?

If you have this kind of accessibility issue, have you tried using the accessibility settings of you OS. it’ll make everything bigger (even menus and modals).
This is generally the first thing to adjust if you have a bigscreen/hi dpi screen

I am aware of this settings but I don’t want to change my system settings. The fact that I am able to see smaller font for example in apps menu doesn’t mean that it is comfortable as a font size for notes.

It obvious that over certain size it becomes ridiculous but 30 is too little to become an upper limit number, in my opinion.