Font size hotkey

Use case or problem

I frequently change font size. I would like to use hotkey to quickly change it back to default instead of going to setting and change it.

Proposed solution

Go to setting and change font size to default by clicking on the refresh icon. It takes time.

Additional comment

The reason for that is also related to Canvas. When the font size changes, the content size in the Canvas card changes.

The standard system hotkeys to zoom in and out should work, tho that might behave differently from what you want.

No, you misunderstood me. I’m saying the font size not zooming.

Font size can be changed in Setting > Appearance > Font size or by pinching in & out on my Macbook trackpad.

Now there is no font size hotkey in Obsidian. I would like to make hotkey to make font size back to default quickly instead of going to setting every time.

Ah, I only partly understood what you were saying. I thought you were going to settings to change the font size.

I see. Thank you for your suggestion. It does work alternatively. But yeah, it would be great if font size hotkey is implemented.

Very different. These are two different settings, as noted by the fact that one is “Font Size” under “Font”, and the other (Zoom Level) is under “Advanced”. They’re different behaviors, but only one has a hotkey.

The best alternative that exists currently is to do Ctrl + Scroll Up/Down, which does zoom text only — but it’s really sensitive and hard to set the right zoom level. I’d prefer keyboard shortcuts so I could “step” the zoom like I can with the zoom of the entire app.