Font Resize after scrolling: Trackpad momentum lingers and interferes with font resize

Steps to reproduce

For both edit and preview, scroll beyond the maximum.
i.e) scroll up when we are looking at the top or scroll down, when looking at the bottom
Then go to the setting.

Expected result

No changes

Actual result

Font size changes. Scrolling up leads to larger font size while scrolling down leads to smaller font size.

Font size changes in appearance setting.


  • Operating system:
    macOS Big Sur 11.3

  • Obsidian version:
    version: v.0.12.0
    No community theme used, and the safe mode is on for the community plugins.

Additional information

I don’t understand you

So I am just scrolling down a note. When it reaches at the bottom, normally it stops. But as I tries to scroll further down, the font size changes. The change applies after I go to the setting[command + , for mac].

EDIT: If I navigate to different note, after I scroll further down or up than the length of a note, the font size changes as well.

post a screen recording because I don’t understand you

are you pressing cmd while scrolling?

I do after I am done scrolling, in order to move to different note.

screen recording

I didn’t know cmd + scrolling changes the font size… Perhaps it’s scrolling that lingers longer for processing and it triggers font size changes when cmd is clicked later… Is there any way to turn off this configuration? Like cmd + scrolling doesn’t change the font size?

I am still not sure I undestand your problem.
However, you shuold not press ctrl/cmd WHILE scrolling (that’s the command we use for adjusting font size)

If you are not hold cmd, is possible that you have some mouse that keeps sending scrolling signals?

I am not pressing ctrl/cmd while scrolling at all.

I am using built-in trackpad for macbook pro 2015.

No, and if it is your problem you should fix it.

If you open a very long file, how long does it keep scrolling after you stop?

I understood the problem while talking on discord with another user. We are going to switch to ctrl+scroll in 0.12.1 for mac

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yeah, it seems that it’s my problem.

For a very long file, it doesn’t seem to try to scroll further, visually.

I have found that instead of sliding up my fingers and letting go of the fingers(on the trackpad), if I stop without letting go of them, it doesn’t change the font size, even if cmd is pressed later. It looks like the scrolling effect lingers. I will close this.

Thank you!

THis seems to be a very common pattern among mac users. It’s better we change it or we are gonna be flooded with bug reports.


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