Font extremely small on Ars Magna Theme

Hi folks. I hit some key and all of a suddent the font of my editor is very small. This only happens in the theme I like to use (Ars Magna). I tried removing the theme from my themes folder and re-adding it. But, same thing.

I don’t know how it happened. I was just typing along and poof, it went to this almost microsopic font. I’m wondering if I triggered something.

I’m not using that theme, @ Rayvfr, but sounds like you hit Ctrl + Scroll Wheel Try going to Settings > Appearance > Font Size, then adjust it. Also, uncheck Quick Font Size Adjustment toggle. Hope it helps.

I’m using the Dracula theme and it seems like the font size slider doesn’t change its font size. Peeking into its CSS, the font-size is set in like 24 places, some with !important in them… so hard to change with a snippet.

Is there some kind of standard way to “listen” to the font slider if I were to make my own theme? Does it set a CSS var or something?

It needs to be in relative sizes for the slider and not fixed. So em instead of px.

@ Scribe. Thanks so much. That fixed it.

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