Font color change is very hard

I want to use different font colors without seeing css or html codes while editing.

I want a feature Worl like changing colors, I tried to use 3 different plugins, tried to change theme, tried html and css codes. But these ways are too long. I expected a simpler solutions. I don’t want to see html and css codes while I am entering text.

What kind of text do you want to color? You can use CSS snippets to change the default colors of *emphasis*, **strong emphasis**, and more.

@gcc - a few steps, but you might consider a Templater function. Select the text you want, command “Insert from Templater: (whatever you name it)”, and change the color using:

<p style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255)"><% tp.file.selection() %></p>

Select your own color; the function above uses the color blue.