Follow link with shortcut for md style links

Steps to reproduce

Set up a file in edit mode with two links:

  1. [Display](link-target)
  2. [[link-target|display]]
  3. go
  4. Use mouse cursor and use Follow link under cursor shortcut to follow link

Expected result

All link should behave as they behave in preview mode.

Actual result

It’s inconsistent.
The wiki style link [[]] works.
The markdown style link []() does not work.
This breaks the flow experience of the user - now I need to go and open preview mode, find the link and click on it.

This is kind of important because markdown style links are the only way to put formulas and named links into tables, so it’s even more context that’s lost in my brain - which cell was I supposed to be in now again?


  • Operating system: OSX 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.20

There is a subtle difference between markdown links and wikilinks. Wikilinks are guaranteed to be internal links. Markdown links can point anywhere. That is why we cannot handle them in the same way. I think there is a feature request for having follow link under cursor work with markdown links, but is not as straightforward.

Again, markdown links are for compatibility with the spec and other software that do not understand wikilins. The fact that you hacked them to use math in tables is secondary, and we don’t support it.

Following external links is supported in Preview mode.
What is the reasoning that the follow link behavior is different in edit mode?

Because there are different parsers at play.

That is a valid developer perspective and I am sure there are some complexities.

But should that not be transparent to the user?
Why should I as a user care about the mode the file is in when I want to see what’s at the other end of this link?
It adds friction to the workflow and makes it a bit less enjoyable.

I consolidated some releated requests

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Just to be sure here - I totally appreciate that the md should be following the standard closely - otherwise much of the value that the portability brings is lost. Thanks for that!