Folgezettel: Best Practice?

Hey everyone,
how have you people implemented Folgezettel into Obsidian? Whats your workflow?

I do this in three ways:

  1. Note title
    For notes about a common subject, I start the note title with that subject, so similar notes will live next to each other in the file list.

Eg: “Notes should have clear titles”; “Notes should contain one atomic, thought”; “Notes should link to other notes whenever possible”

  1. Internal Links
    When writing a note, I try to identify related concepts and link to those other notes.

Eg: in the note, “Notes should link to other notes whenever possible”, I might mention that “links should reference discrete thoughts, and this is possible because [[Notes should contain one, atomic thought]]”.

  1. Folders
    For notes about an area of focus with multiple topics, then I’ll create a new folder and move related notes there. Kind of like a separate, working slipbox/commonplace book as I wrangle with a subject.

In a couple cases, I’ve “finished” my wrangling and moved the notes back to may main folder and deleted the folders.

In a couple of others, I’ve been wrangling of and on for about a year and still have them in the folder.

Bonus, because of Obsidian’s search and linking, the separated notes aren’t really separated from everything else.


A way to implement Folgezettel in Obsidian is through the Breadcrumbs plugin. In the newest release there is a new option to organize notes according to a “before”/“after” categorization. Upshot: you’ll never be able to see the whole lineage of your notes but only what comes before and after with respect to the note you are in.


Similar, it different, t( Map of Content plugin shows a tree view of notes related to the note you’re on. Like the graph view, but maybe easier to see/use.

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