Folding the whole note just lets me see the title

Hello, when folding the whole note with a keybind (Ctrl -), I fold the whole note to only see all the not-in-list titles, but here is what I get

in editor :

before folding

after folding image

I guess this is caused by the main title (yellow) that is #, it has an arrow next to it but it feels like he’s “” including “” all other titles that are ###.

Btw here are my external plug-ins

Any help is welcome,


As far as I know that’s just the way it works. Folding Header 1 hides everything but Header 1. I’ve never really seen a use for it - I would think most people would want it to display all the content that isn’t under another header. It is also the case that the minute you create a 2nd header, ALL the content under it becomes part of that Header, so it’s not like you can have an Intro and Conclusion type thing associated with Header 1, and then use other headers in between to divide the content.

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@Lise is right. Header 1 is not strictly a title markup. Folding a header folds all content until the next header of that level. So, you’ll have to use more Header 1’s in your note!

@ryanjamurphy A question. I had considered using multiple H1s in notes… but I always thought that H1 might be considered special at some point, as in being used as a title alternative to the filename. Can you see anything like that happening? (always with the future-proofing in mind…!)

Nah, H1s are pretty robustly defined across HTML, in my opinion. I don’t think you’ll see anything special happen with them.

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thank you @ryanjamurphy @Lise ! I will definitely avoid putting the note title at the top, and start straight.

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