Folding Metadata box for custom non-yaml metadata

We were advised not to use yaml but to use our own custom yaml-like frontmatter. I would like to do this, right under the yaml frontmatter, but I would like to have it folded or in Metadata box just like the current yaml frontmatter:


Perhaps we could have a box like this called “Custom Metadata” or something?

I could use a smaller header, like h5 for example, but I’m concerned about using h5 before h1 where the title goes - I don’t know if it is good form to mix up the header sequences.


Note: I’m currently using h2 at the end of the file, but I’d really rather have it up top for quick editing.


I’m quite new with yaml and starting to make heavy use of it, so your first line grabbed my attention… Could you explain the “we were advised not to use yaml but to use our own custom frontmatter” please? I’m using the Metatable-plugin to have mine displayed neatly in preview mode for example, but you are probably not refering to this at all…

Is there anything I should be aware of regarding custom frontmatter?

@u1mp3 I can’t find the original post in which we were advised to save frontmatter for plug-ins, but it is out there somewhere! Maybe a search through the Obsidian Release notes (for when they first allowed “alias”) will give you an idea.

Basically it scared me a little, because I kept imagining doing all the work involved in creating/updating yaml frontmatter only to have it wiped out one day by a plugin that decides to create frontmatter for me. It is still up in the air how Obsidian wants to handle it.

I did have a follow-up post about it though. Not sure if it will be useful to you.