Folding everything like they are headings

I wish there was an option to fold everything, like code blocks , images, iframes etc like how it is done now for headings. It is specially useful in preview mode. Is there a way to do that? If not I want to add it to #feature-requests .

If you make everything a list item, you could do this. Otherwise it isn’t currently possible.


Could you use CSS to make everything a list item, but have the list bullet be a non printing character (instead of - or * or whatever)?


How I can fold a list item. I don’t see anything like that arrow that is for heading. I am using the Outliner plugin so maybe it is related to that.

I use a lot of bullet point to outline stuff, so making character disappear is going to be problematic

You could put them under heading 6 to be foldable (゚ ー゚ ;

You can fold indented lists too, using the Fold Indent setting:

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