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Couldn’t find anything on the forum so made a post here.
I’m in the middle of setting up my workspace as a student after switching from notion (offline support). I am trying to figure out the best way to set up the folders, tags links etc and I have thought of 2 ways:

  1. Have tags based on subjects, Then folders for years/months, and for projects have notes backlinked to each other and one main note.
  2. Have folders for each subject then tags for dates

essentially I’m a bit stuck. if anyone has advice it would be very much appreciated. I decided to move to obsidian over bear, but I am kinda wanting bear’s unique tagging system. Thanks in advance!

What about Bear’s tagging system do you find attractive?

To complicate things for you, you could also do all of the above with tags! :sweat_smile:

I like bears tagging system since essentially it is just one massive folder with a bunch of tags, but the tags can act like folders. I also like the fact that nested tags work so well. For example, in obsidian if I wanted a recipes folder I could do that easily, but the recipes would all be jumbled together, which might be useful in some scenarios but not all the time. In bear, I created this to show what I mean. image Here, I can sort by just recipes but also by primary ingredient, which is super useful. The tags in bear are only used inside the recipes tag. (sorry if I’m making no sense). So, in obsidian, the tags would be across the whole vault not just the recipes folder. You could have folders for each ingredient inside the recipes folder, but that means you can’t see all the recipes at once, and if you have 2 primary ingredients it can’t be in both

You can use nested tags in Obsidian, though! There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from keeping a flat file structure and using nested tags instead, like in Bear.

Thanks so much. Is there any way to make tags for only one folder and make them only work in that folder (main ingredients in a recipes folder). Or would it be better to have a list of main ingredients for every recipe that I can search for?

I just thought, I could also have a page for each main ingredient that I link to

You can’t scope tags by folder, no. You might want to consider using a nested vault for this purpose—create a vault specifically on the folder you’re talking about.

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