Folders in one vault on Mac becomes different vaults under IOS

Things I have tried and trying

Tring to sync Obsidian through icloud drive between Mac and IOS.
Daily Notes are not showing and realize it is under another vault.

Actually I have different folders in one vault on Mac, but they are all become different vault on my iphone.

I sync the folders and files using iCloud drive. Any one knows how to fix this issue? Thanks,

Maybe on one of your devices—probably your Mac—you’ve selected a subfolder inside the iCloud Drive/Obsidian/your vault folder as your vault?

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I solved the problem to sync between Mac and iphone thought iCloud drive.

  1. Under Obsidian (on iCloud) create a vault folder, Vault1
  2. create a link of Vault1 and move it to side by side of Obsidian Folder on iCloud drive.
  3. On iphone, use the Obsidian Folder and it will consider Vault1 and a vault
  4. On Mac, open the link of Vault1 as a vault.
    Now both are linked.

If there is a way to open vault on IOS Obsidian, I believe someone could be able to use this way to sync through dropbox or other Clould driver , however, it need test.

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