Folder Zoom Plugin

So I’m one of those who use the good 'ol folder system. However I do have quite a lot of folders (and folder levels) and sometimes would like to see just one main folder and its subfolders in the sidepane.

If it’s possible, I’d love a plugin where you can “zoom into” a specific folder. I think it can be done based on how the Longform plugin works(?). I don’t really know anything about coding but here’s the rundown of the idea:

So in Longform you can mark a specific folder as a Longform Project. You can then view this marked folder in Longform’s pane. In that pane you can choose to focus on a specific project folder, then a draft folder.

Project Folders Marked as Longform Project in Default File Explorer
(Hierarchy is Project Folder > Drafts Folder > Scene Files)

Project Folders in Longform Pane:
Here I can choose which project folder, then draft folder to focus on. Then only the scene files in that directory will be shown below.

For the folder zoom plugin, some Ideas I have are:

  1. Auto-support for all folders in the vault. In longform you have to mark a folder as a project first.
  2. Support more levels of folders for drop-down options. So longform has three folder levels (Projects > Drafts > Drafts 1), and only displays two of those levels in the pane (Projects > Drafts 1). I usually have more folders levels than these lol.

Quick mockup of what I’m thinking of

How this may be helpful

  1. Reduces the friction of having to expand/collapse multiple levels of folders in the file explorer, and having to scroll down to view files in the bottom folders
  2. This may be an alternative to nested vaults which has been discouraged
  3. Generally just help in having a cleaner and focused workspace as seeing other unneeded folders is distracting

I hope I explained this idea well. This has been something I’ve thought of for a while now and decided to drop here in case anyone wants to do it (maybe for O_O?). This has also been inspired by a short discord convo