Folder structures, mocs, links and graphs. Need some help refining workflow

Hello, I really like flat structures but find myself in areas where there are “domains” of information where things are nested they are better placed in a folder. An example of such is my world building, I have a world, cities people, histories, etc, all of those are connected with links naturally but need to lay under a domain because the fictunal new York and the real one are different concepts. The root folder is what I call the “me” domain, or “x as it relates to me”. Then nested I have “potato world” or something. The problem I face is the conflict how to organize the information in one page as needed almost like a moc, right now I use folder note with embeds, which is really good but I need to lay them manually and the titles have to all be



(ofc with ![[ for the embed)
Which is annoying and ugly.
Another problem. I face is when a note evolves into a folder I need to work to restructure it, extracting info into subnotes and placing down embeds.

Is there a way to programmatically make the embeds maybe with dataview?

Anyhow I feel like the workflow is clunky and I would like help adapting it better