Folder Sorting

What I’m trying to do

Is there any way to custom sort my folders ?

So far it looks like I can only sort by alphabetical, date created, last edited.

I’d like to be able to drag/order based on my own utility/preferences.

Things I have tried

Not much, sorry. New to Obsidian, and am not super techy.


The plugin/extension Brat and Bartender must be installed.

Install Brat from Community Extensions, then install Bartender (GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-bartender: Allows for rearranging the elements in the status bar and sidebar ribbon) to complete the two-step (easy) installation process.

To find out additional information, try searching forums.

There isn’t any integrated functionality.

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You can download the Custom File Explorer Sorting plugin in the Plugin shop


If you’re okay with a more unofficial variation, you can download Bartender from Github, as @looney.apache said. You don’t need Brat because its been abandoned for two years, you can just download it from releases

True, But I am diehard fan of bartender because it just works pretty well

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