Folder name has ")" , then Copy Obsidian url will occue problem

My folder name has “)”, ex.

  1. Note

so when I click “copy obsidian url” button, I will get “obsidian://open?vault=Karls%20Notebook&file=1)Note/”

but “)” will make some app identify as two link (yes, so this is not Obsidian bug)

I think this is a feature request, maybe cant encode url or use note_id to instead file name?

Is this a Markdown app you’re pasting into?

In bash ) would be “close subshell cmd”, so I reckon the obsidian:// URI needs to be properly URL-encoded.

But it is properly encoded — “()” characters are valid in URLs. So the issue is the 3rd party app.

That said, encoding the “()” would also be valid and would avoid this problem.

Usually parens come in pairs. My guess is when the parser sees the closing paren without a matching open, it barfs. You can, however, use the open paren in note names

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