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What I’m trying to do

I have a folder with notes related to each other as if they were chapters of a book, I would like them to be automatically linked to each other through a folder index at the bottom of each note. Is there a plugin that does that? (And that can possibly also be used for the Publish site)


I have an Index file at the top level of all my MOCs, using dataview. This simple example is recursive (well implicitly), but it can be easily limited to depth of 1, by changing the WHERE clause to be an equivalency instead of contains

TABLE WITHOUT ID file.folder as "Folder", as "Name"
WHERE contains(file.path, this.file.folder) AND != AND != "Attachments"

thank you @egauthier… but Dataview works in Obsidian Publish website too?

Not sure if Dataview results work in publish but they can be copied and pasted as markdown. (A table or a list would work for an index, I suppose)

You could run the dataview query once while publishing a new version, copy the results, paste them as markdown in an index note, and transclude the note at the bottom of each chapter.

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