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I want to list all the links displayed in this data view query in a new note. This list will then appear as a MOC and influences graph view

FROM ([[#]]) OR outgoing([[#]])


Is there a templater command to extract all the links from a dataview query to then list in a note?

This should be posted under Help rather than Feature Requests.

Moved to Help.

yes it should. thanks!

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In the post below I suggest some alternatives to how you can persist a query, which is what’s needed to make the query result be shown within the graph view.

Sadly, I’ve not completed the 3rd alternative yet, but the other alternatives could still be considered.

Like having your query in a HTML comment block, and then triggering that template to insert the result of the query into your MOC. You would then need to repeat that every now and then in case you now you’ve update the content related to that topic.

Ssymbolic links are the future! This allows you to link up with other vault and share specific note according to what you put in the shared folder. It’s incredible.

The evolution of PKM is CKM (Collective) MND

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