Folded metadata huge UX disappointment (New update)

Since the new update, am facing some issues regarding metadata management. In the new update , the metadata is automatically folded in the read mode, thus most of the metadata is not visible unless it’s changed into edit mode. This is a terrible UX problem, as in most of the cases when you have long metadata there are several mistakes in the metadata which are often corrected while reading the notes, or some extra points are added while working on the notes.

Since the scope of the data view is endless, data view is used in several use cases, as you can see in the screenshot I have a data point for keypoints, this enables me to see the keypoints without even making a dataview index . So it would be a great help if you could remove that feature or provide a provision to disable the automatic folding of metadata, this feature is making the note cleaner but from UX perspective its a terrible experience, people who write long meta data will suffer , and will have to read the notes in edit mode itself . Plese do look into this .

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This is not what the Meta forum category is for. Moved to Help.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Post your “Show debug info” here.
  • Paste this text instead of a screenshot, so people can attempt to recreate the problem or spot syntax errors. I made a quick test, and I am not getting automatic folding in Reading mode.
  • Test this without custom themes or plugins, or using the Sandbox vault.

There is something funky going on here, try with the following note:

date: 07-October-2022
empty-array: []
multivalue: [1, 2, 3]
  reference: url
  video: true
  - reference: url
  - video: false
  - element: something
not_empty: why?

Just testing...

It seems like the Metadata header leaves out all the multivalue and empty fields, even though they show up in the fields list of dv.span(dv.current()). They are not even folded away, they’re completely missing from DOM.

In addition there is something funky in how the reference and multielement differ in the dataview list view. Where the latter has a list at a lower level when compared with the reference (and the multivalue).

Same behavior in Sandbox vault

After turning on the Show frontmatter I get the same behavior in the Sandbox vault.


A possible workaround could actually be to turn off Show frontmatter again, and then rather use an expanded (or folded) metadata callout. Below I’m showing the result of the following raw query:

> [!info]+ Metadata
> ```dataviewjs
const fm = Object.entries(dv.current().file.frontmatter)
dv.table(["Field", "Data"], fm)

Which produces the following:

This could of course be processed a bit further to show something else instead of nothing for the empty-array field, and - No result?! for the another_empty field. But it does show all the fields, at least.


Ok thanks, I’ll move this to Bugs and see what WhiteNoise thinks. This is acting strange here too.

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Long story short right now the metadata UI section does not show nested attributes and probably other things.

The metadata section is being reworked. More changes will come to both reader and editor. It hasn’t been finalized yet.

I suggest you hold off bug reports and FR until the rework is completed.


Thanks for your attention guys. :smiling_face: @holroy regards to you man for looking more into the issue.

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@WhiteNoise @holroy @rigmarole is it possible to prioritize this bug we talked about?

My entire metadata field is showing empty.

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