Folded Callout with codes become crazy

Steps to reproduce

Copy paste this in obsidian
Create two folded callout with codes

Example of code here : PrivateBin

Then try to open or modificate them.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Expected result

2 folded callout working well

Actual result


Obsidian 1.14.16 from Linux Flathub

Additional information

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I can’t say that working with code blocks in callouts is a pleasant experience, but your example seems to be working.


There is also the Insert callout command you can use. Write the code block as you’d like, select the entire thing (including the beginning and ending backticks ``` ) , and run Insert callout to wrap the code block in a callout.

Thank you for your answer. It works better when you use the command Insert Callout command.

Here is a little video to display the problem I encounter.

Could you @ariehen see what I posted?