Foldable heading and foldable callouts is so stupid

What I’m trying to do

fordable heading are not portable

when you will reinstall your OS --or-- port your obsidian volt to new device --or-- delete your obsidian config… your all the folded headings will be be gone
because fold-able heading is the part of obsidian config and not the obsidian volt itself
people suppose to backup there obsidian volt not the obsidian config
please fix the issue / bug or what is the better way to achieve this function

foldable callouts are difficult to edit

suppose if you are in the middle of your foldable callout note and you want to add few line in the middle of the callout… you have to fix your callouts by the symbol > > > again and again it should be constant when we are adding new line in the middle of the callout

also when we trying to read callout all fine there but when we try to edit the callout by clicking on it… all the text alignment gets fucked up … you have to scroll to infinity and find out where is those line which i want to edit… its so stupid

Things I have tried

i have added a keybinding for now which will fold my heading because keybinding config stores in the obsidian volt and not in the obsidian config (until the issue is not resolved)