Foldable CSS snippets (in Settings/Appearance)

Use case or problem

CSS Snippets folder should allow subdirectories to be created in order to organize the snippets.

Proposed solution

We could then see a (foldable) tree structure as for lists.

Checkbox control for a folder could:

  • be left positioned when all children snippets are disabled;
  • be right positioned when all children snippets are enabled;
  • be middle positioned when there is a mixed between enabled and disabled children snippets.

I’m too lazy to code an example of tree guidelines and the suggested UI for checkbox controls.
But I could help if a hand is needed for implementation though.


This would be super useful!

I really hope they add this

I up this, because I think, day after day, folding css snippet must become a things. It could allow to use github to download snippet from multiple source, and, in the end, a plugin to create a “store snippet”.