Foldable callouts

I love the new Callouts feature. However, they take up a lot of unnecessary space in Source view. I would like Callouts to be a foldable element, in the same way as frontmatter and many other things are.

they are just add the folding qualifier. Read the docs.

I specified Editing view.

it folds in LP as well.

Yes, but not, unlike many other things, such as headings and YAML, in Source mode. But I’ll modify the OP.

Is this what you are trying to do @Calion ?

I have attached a screenshot with both views. Adding a (-) will automatically fold in both views.

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No. Try it in Source mode.

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oh – didn’t know about that feature yet.

I assumed there were two views.

  1. Editing
  2. Reading

Just saw in the menu

  1. Live Preview
  2. Source Mode

Thanks for clarifying. It taught me something!


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