Foldable and Coloured Boxes as seen in the Release Notes

Things I have tried

I looked through the FAQ of the release notes, googled for similar questions, tried to view the src-view of the release notes (not available) and looked at some updates surrounding the admonition functionality that was introduced in an earlier version.

What I’m trying to do

In this gif you can see some coloured boxes and collapsible boxes which look very neat. I’d love to have these available for my notes, too. Admonition-Boxes just look a little clumsy.


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They’re callouts with a specific css to hide the icon:

> [!warning]- What's new
> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Oh, I somehow missed that feature. Thanks! Will see how to add a custom-css to get rid of the icons.

If you want to remove the icons in all type of callouts, you can use this generic css:

.callout-icon {
  display: none;

Strikes me that no icon ought to be one of the default options

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