Fold/Unfold headings up to specific level hotkeys

  • 1 for this feature, outliner plugin does this, but I found the verticle line length is pretty limited there. Hope this could be implemented!
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Adding my +1 for a “unfold all levels” feature here. Creases is mentioned as a solution to this thread, but unfortunately it doesn’t support bulleted lists. I make use of folding bulleted lists liberally, and on especially long documents it’s a major pain to go through and click every single bullet point to expand it when I want to view the whole thing.

Given the existence of a “Fold all headings and lists” command, I’m very confused why there isn’t a corresponding “Unfold all headings and lists” command!

Adding +1 for this.
The core outline mode is very limited in MANY respects and should be overhauled and the list of suggestions already made for that core feature and very long and a good reference for development.

+1 for a proper step-by-step fold/unfold solution.

(Fold more/less hotkeys, but for the entire document. Without being in edit mode.)

Fold/Unfold all should also be one toggle hotkey, imo.

+1 from me!