Fold/Unfold headings up to specific level hotkeys

+1 for this feature request.
Would love to see this implemented.

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I would also find this very helpful

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+1 This would be very helpful!

I also would love this. It’s one of the few bottlenecks in my obsidian workflow

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Me too. This would be a really essential feature if some clever person can programme a plug in to do it.

+1 for this. it is very necessary and lack of it is troublesome for me.
Also IMO the same can be applied to “outline” core plugin (pane). that plugin can’t even remember the folding and resets every time I close a note.

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I miss that feature very much.
Fluid navigating through information in longer notes is extremely important - otherwise it’s just 1 huge wall of text restricted by the size of font and monitor.
Folding is one of the important features that actually made me switch to obsidian but I’m hoping it can be improved as it is a bit cumbersome at the moment.


+1 This feature would be a gamechanger!

+1 for this feature.

I am also interested in this.

In the meantime, I discovered the “Creases” plugin. It does a bunch of nifty things (and I’m still discovering most of them!) and it also includes hotkeys for folding/unfolding heading levels incrementally.


Thank you for posting that. I was about to suggest this myself after using the move up / move down commands and finding out they don’t work as expected. (I expected the folded heading to move up and down with its contents.) Nope. It rips the context apart.

An org-mode behaviour would be most desirable. I set my Vim up the same way for folded Markdown and org-mode (I just use it for Notes in Vim and load those into the big Emacs file).

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the up and down not moving the content of heading is very annoying, it works with cut and past tho, but it is not smooth.

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