Fold entire header

Use case or problem

"unfold all" is too much, because I *only* want to unfold one particular header, for example, but now I see my entire note (when I'd otherwise want everything else to look neat and folded). **To be clear, there's already an 'unfold' button but it only unfolds one level deeper. This idea would unfold ALL content within a particular header.**

Proposed solution

hotkey to unfold the entirety of a single header (or bullet-point). "unfold selected header" or something. Basically, you'd click on the header or bullet you want, press the hotkey, and then that entire header would unfold but nothing else would be affected in the document.

Current workaround (optional)

"Creases" is a plugin that saves your current folds/unfolds, but it's kinda wonky and not as smooth/clean as this idea would be, nor can I really get it work as I want it to.