'Fold all headings and lists' only folds top level item on mobile

Steps to reproduce

Pre-req: Ensure ‘Fold heading’ is enabled via Settings | Editor
Create a new file using the mobile app as follows:

# Heading 1

## Heading 2
Some text

## Heading 3
Some text

## Heading 4
Some text

Open the command palette and choose the ‘Fold all headings and lists’ option

Expected result

All headings will be folded

Actual result

It appears as if all headings are folded but, referring to the example file above, if you expand ‘Heading 1’ you’ll see that headings 2 through 4 remain unfolded.

If you go through the same process using the desktop app headings 2 through 4 will be folded, as expected.


  • Operating system: Android 11 (OnePlus 7T, Oxygen OS 11)
  • Debug info: I don’t believe this is possible using mobile app (at least, there are no results when searching the command palette for ‘debug’). In case it helps, I’m using v1.0.5 of the app.