Fold All Except

Use Case / Problem

I’d find it useful to be able to fold everything except a specific entity (heading or list).

Proposed Solution

There could be an option called Fold All Except.

While holding a key pressed and clicking on the folding symbol of a heading or list, everything except that entity would be folded.

If used on a heading:

  • All other headings would be folded.
  • All lists within it would be folded.

If used on a list item:

  • All headings except the parent would be folded.
  • All other list items in the parent would be folded.

There’s another feature request where we discuss all of this.

Right now I just uploaded a screenrecording there as well of what I hope it’d be possible

Fold/Unfold headings up to specific level hotkeys

Feel free to carry on conversation there, it’s better to keep similar topics under the same post.

I wish there was a single thread with everything folding related, where the first post is a table of contents of all ideas presented in the thread.

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