Focus on selected header or bullet list level

I can’t actually think that this is a feature request that hasn’t been made before. But I’ve both tried different search combination and browsed the Feature Request-category without finding something similar, so here goes:

Use case or problem

A few months ago, I begun to use my daily notes as a log for everything I do during my workday. This is done in a bullet list, chronologically. Some entries are just a single line, others have children and sub-children:

  • 15:10 – Planning for upcoming meeting
  • 15:28 – Meeting with [[Person X]] and [[Person Y]] about [[Project A]]
    • [[Person X]] said…
      • [[Person Y]] disagreed because of…
  • 16:28 – Wrote feature request at [[Obsidian forums]]

During my shutdown, I go through the log and make linked references back to the daily note from project notes etc.

The challenge is that the log for many days get really long, with a lot of sub-levels etc. Same is true for some of the project notes I have.

This, at least to me, means additional cognitive load when processing the log at the end of the day. In exchange for that, I get less friction and cognitive load during the workday when I don’t have to make decisions on where I should take my notes. It is in the daily note, only a keyboard shortcut away.

Proposed solution

It’s many years since I last wrote a single line of code. But that Obsidian currently has folding for both headings and bullet list show that it is possible to identify the different levels of organization within a note.

I would love a feature that let us focus on a specific level in the hierarchy, just like many outliners let their users focus on a level in the tree.

Current workaround (optional)

The only I can see right now is to enter content in the right place during the day. But at least to me, the added cognitive load in the end of the day is worth the trade-off with less load while entering stuff.

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