Focus on already open note instead of reopening it

I noticed that opening a note, either by clicking on an internal link or by using a command, happens regardless of whether the note is already open somewhere else, e.g. in another tab, panel or window.
Could obsidian detect already opened notes and focus on them instead of opening them again? This is something that VS Code does for instance

There is a feature request for that in the forum that you can search for and upvote. In the meantime there is the No Dupe Leaves community plugin.


Managing different workspaces and vaults can prevent unintended tabs. Normally you can right click tab and select close others. You can create new notes to current tab. This is the default left click action when clicking uncreated internal note links [[my note]]. You can visit links using keyboard too by pressing Cmd + Enter and Opt + Enter, I suppose these are Ctrl + Enter and LAlt + Enter on windows. By default Cmd + N creates notes to new tabs but you can run other command Create new note in current tab which you can bind to Cmd + N, Cmd + M, Opt + M etc.

Thanks, here it is for reference:

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