Floating Table of Content widget as in Zim

I’m new to Obsidian and testing if it can be a good replacement for my Zim wiki notebook. One of the features I’m missing in Obsidian is a floating Table of Content widget that gets automatically created from the headings I use on each note page. Is there feature like this in Obsidian that could be enabled? I find this feature in Zim very handy to navigate to the relevant parts of the note that I have written and missing it in Obsidian.
Please see the widget highlighted on the screenshots attached here. On the first one, Table of Content widget is expanded, on the second one, ToC is collapsed.

Things I have tried

I was searching help as well as here and on Reddit Obsidian forum for a solution but didn’t find any yet.

What I’m trying to do

I have just found the obsidian-floating-toc-plugin that does the job. Thank you cumany for your effort developing this plugin. Very much appreciated!

I have found out yet another, this time Obsidian native solution to this.

  1. Just expand the right side pane (see Step 1 in the screenshot) and
  2. on the icon that looks like a bulleted list - when you however on it, a pop-up tool tip “Outline of Obsidian” appears. Click on it (Step 2 in the screenshot) and it will display the Outline (in Zim terms called Table of Content) of the whole note.

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