Flickering cursor/mouse when typing

Issue: Cursor visible when typing, and inside a “text” box in Obsidian. Flickers between cursor and mouse pointer. Persists when all community theme/plugin options, custom CSS are turned off. Persists after app restart and computer reboot. Occurs with one or multiple document panes open.

Mouse/cursor flicker does not occur when the pointer is on the task bar, or some other non-text entry field. This issue does not occur in any other text editor, seems to be Obsidian-specific.

Windows 10 x64

Edit: also seeing this on my laptop. Can’t recall seeing this before, maybe it’s just more visible to me today.

Is there any way to get the cursor/mouse to hide when typing, as with other editors?

I am not sure there’s anything we can do about this. It’s the 2 sec autosave.
Open a feature request.

Gotcha, OK that may explain it. It seems to be going faster than 2 seconds in my experience. I’ll post a feature request when I get a minute.

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