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Hi All. I have been doing daily notes in my own weird format for over six months now, but each time I try and sit down and make a weekly template (or monthly) I always get stuck trying to work out what to aggregate and how to display it.

So, its time for the community to flex on me. Post your weekly and monthly notes that you are proud of. I dont care about the code so much, I just want to see pretty pictures of what you have created.

Thanks in advance.


I stopped using daily notes and work directly in my weekly notes and the themed logs they serve as hubs for (most of which are yearly with weekly headings). The pictures aren’t pretty because I haven’t done anything fancy.

At the top I have navigation links, a line specifying the days of the year/week/month, and then a plain custom callout for a little something fun from the week (here a poem but sometimes a photo, a fortune from a fortune cookie, etc.)

Below that I have a series of headings for life areas and other things that I log. I don’t want to show an actual note but here’s the outline (some of them should logically be subheadings but I found that oddly hard to scan, not that this is great either).

Under each heading (except 0.Quick which is just a scratch pad) is a bullet list summary followed by a link to the full log. Most sections have a list item for each entry; Health, Werk, and Media are more condensed (and the logs for Werk and Media just embed the weekly log sections from the note for each project or work). Either way, I add or modify the summary when I write the entry itself, so I don’t have to do it later. Here’s the current Werk section:

(Most sections other than Werk and Media won’t have all those links — they’ll just have text, like “Washed the windows.”).


I have a template that I run on Monday which makes a weekly note that collates the daily notes of that week. I use this at the end of the week to write up a week notes posting for my blog.

I have a template that is my ‘weekly program’ that I fill out at the start of the week, to mention/list things that are important in the coming week. It links to the corresponding day logs.

I have a ‘month map’ I make at the beginning of the month, with what is relevant in the coming weeks, what will become urgent if I don’t pay attention to it etc. I link those to the relevant week programs.


The preformatted text corresponds to commands in the “buttons” plug-in. I prefer to add buttons because I may create a weekly note before I do my weekly review. A change may happen before then and I would have an old review process. So, I click the button when it’s time to do the review (which is just a checklist that I won’t share all of here). This matters much more in daily notes because I use the review plug-in to add reminders to future notes (which I can share if you’re interested).

Weekly Tasks

12 Week Plan Tactics

Other Priorities

Upcoming and Completed Tasks

name Show Weekly Tasks
type append template
action exclude/tasks-weekly
remove true

Weekly Review

name Start Weekly Review
type append template
action exclude/review-weekly
remove true

The “Show Weekly Tasks” button imports the following template for highlighting upcoming due tasks and high priority tasks.

Due this week


short mode
(due <% tp.file.title %>) OR ((due <% moment(tp.file.title, "gggg-[W]ww").add(1, "week").format("gggg-[W]ww") %>) AND (NOT done))
(due 2024-W06) OR (due 2024-W07) OR ((due before 2024-W07) AND (NOT done))
group by due
is not recurring
description does not include Review items in the daily note

High priority tasks

[!INFO]- High Priority tasks

short mode
not done
no scheduled date
is not recurring
priority is high
description regex does not match /^\s*$/i 
path regex does not match /Templater\/./
(starts <% tp.file.title %>) OR (no start date) OR (starts before tomorrow)
tags do not include wf
tags do not include maybe

Completed this week


short mode
description does not include Review items in the daily note
done <% tp.file.title %>
group by done
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Thanks for posting this! I just changed the way I will do my Daily/Weekly notes. The primary benefit will be that I will think and write about those things that matter to me every day! Thanks so much for sharing.