Flashing elements color

Hi, I’m looking for a way to define - in the reading mode of a dark theme - the color of flashing elements that are temporarily highlighted when reached by a search or panel such as tags or outline.

I can’t do this for heders reached by the outline panel if they have a markdown link included. They continue to be the usual purple color that all elements that contain links have

I have tried this

.is-flashing {
    color: black !important;

but it does not work

My goal is for all flashing elements in a dark theme to have black text while flashing. All. This is because the highlighting color is yellow and black text on yellow highlighting looks much better

Mission impossible?

try this :

.is-flashing, .is-flashing .internal-link {
  color: #000 !important;

Perfect! Everything works now, thank you very much. I just had to add .is-flashing .external-link to it

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