Flashcards review with Obsidian

Hey, everyone! For those that enjoy studying with flashcards, I thought about a little and simple “system” to practice it within Obsidian. It is nothing fancy, but I loved the way it worked!

Since I am in college, I created “discipline” pages with all the information related to it (professor, texts, tasks, class notes…). For each text I created a “concept list” with key concepts, ideas, questions and any other information I considered important.

Then, for the flashcard reviewing part, with the preview plugin turned on, all I did was think about the content of a certain concept/idea, trying to recall the information (active recall), then hover the link for the preview card to show its contents, allowing me to check if I got it right or not. Then I would put a little emoji next to the concepts I didn’t remember very well, so this would help me identify which topics to review more often.

I keep track of these reviews in Notion, but this could be organized with any calendar.

The picture below shows a text (CAVALCANTE - Metodologia…) and the concepts list in a quote block. I would look at the concept and try to recall its definition.

Then I would hover the concept, let’s say “Modelo Keynesiano” (means Keynesian Model), and it shows the “other side of the flashcard” so to speak. Like this:

Thoughts? Suggestions? :slight_smile:


Interesting idea, and very creative. A question: when you answered a question (either right or wrong), you have to switch to edit mode to insert the emoji, right? Doesn’t that interrupt the flow of working through the “cards” very much?

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Hey! Thanks. I haven’t been doing this for long. A few days, actually. So far, I will check every concept about one text in particular, after checking this group, I open edit mode and put an X emoji in front of the link. So far, I will miss just one or two of those. Then I would go to the next text and so on. As I said, I haven’t been doing this for long. And I plan on using it more intensely for exams. But you have a valid point, it is good to avoid interrupting the task with other tasks. I guess checking them in groups as I said is slightly better than interrupting it after every concept check. If you manage to remember all the missing ones after checking all of them, that could work too, but I don’t trust myself that much. haha. Or, maybe, one could click the missed concept and open it in a separate page and, later, go back to mark it. That could work.

I also use Anki. That is the ideal way to study with flashcards, IMO - but it might not always fit the time constraints of an academic semester. Anki demands continuous effort, it is a lifetime commitment. It is just that, for me, as a college student, the structure of having all those concepts in one page seems as a nice alternative to the flashcard approach. I will still use anki for language learning and any other long term commitments I might have.

Try: https://neuracache.com