Flashcard/spaced repitition type workflow or plugin that uses individual notes with "front" and "back"

I know there’s this plugin here which is the closest I’ve found that isn’t Anki, but that plugin doesn’t seem to have the “front” and “back” of a flashcard if you use the full note.

I have a personal dictionary with a bunch of cool words and I’m going to start learning a new language soon and I’d like to be able to use this system to add new words and revise words.

This is the frontmatter:


Ideally, it would show the Word field and then once I click it shows the Definition and Etymology fields.

It’s very possible that I don’t understand the Spaced Repetition plugin, if so, please help me understand how I can make this work for me.

I much prefer having each word or phrase have their own note because then it’s much cleaner, and easier if I want to add more information under the frontmatter.

Is this possible somehow?


You could check out Ki GitHub - langfield/ki: version control for Anki collections

I haven’t tested it but it looks very promising way to manage cards using markdown files. I’m not sure how it integrates with Obsidian.

That seems to do the opposite, no? Converting Anki cards to markdown?

It works bi-directionally converting between markdown and anki cards. It performs sync to both directions.

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